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Connecting Nice Folks
from Carolina to California... and Beyond.

Currently in post-production on the first season,
and available for 
authentic brand collaborations.
Coming to Streaming Platforms in 2023.


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Copyright 2022 Lisa Konczal / Lisa K. Entertainment, LLC

A new, unscripted television show by
Executive Producer, Director and Host,
Lisa Konczal.

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I Can't Stop
Featuring Rick Prendergast
A Documentary Short Film by Lisa Konczal
Production Company: Vérité Creative

Locations: Greensboro and Winston - Salem, NC


I Can't Stop  is about a man who after never exercising as an adult, suffering from insomnia and being a self prescribed workaholic,  finds increased life balance, improved health - and a whole lot of fun - through resurrecting his childhood passion: rollerskating.  


I Can't Stop is about finding your happy place, and celebrating the activities that promote physical and emotional health, happiness and community. 

Please share your own story about how rollerskating has impacted your life, on YouTube, at the comment section of this film... and subscribe : )

You may talk about one of the themes of this film, sharing a fear you overcame - or are still working through - or how your physical and/or mental heath and self esteem have benefitted from getting (back) into rollerskating and staying committed to your passion.  Maybe you don't currently skate, but something in this story spoke to you... your thoughts are welcomed here.  

This doc short is meant to create community and promote physical and emotional health, life balance and happiness... and speak to the fun and healthy benefits of rollerskating! We all look forward to hearing your story, or just seeing some photos or video of you on skates!

Copyright notice: All images, videos and text on this website are under copyright and are illegal to use unless provided permission/licensed by Lisa Konczal, and in some cases, her clients, as well.  Feel free to inquire at

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