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 :10 / :30 second, to Minute long+ commercials 

Completely Scripted - to Documenting Real People in Action


Meaningful Messages / Artistic / Authentic 

 Set Your Bar - Then Raise It.
Nike Spec Commercial 
(please view in 4k)
Actor / Model , Chris Connell 
Dir. / Producer / DP / Editor: Lisa Konczal

(Final cut completed on August 24, 2018)

Nutcase Helmets
Dir. / Producer / DP / Editor : Lisa Konczal

Rollerskate Pro / Actress: Katherine Winslow
Music: "And When the World..." by Marco Joachim 

I Can't Stop
Documentary Short
Dir. / Producer / DP / Editor: Lisa Konczal

Sponsored by Bruised Skate Stuff

Salsa Seduction  
Spec Commercial for Coco Mademoiselle 
Dir. / Writer / Editor: Lisa Konczal
Actress/Professional Dancer, Lisa Konczal
and Professional Dancer, Armando de la Fuente


Spec Commercial for Allure Perfume

by Chanel 

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