Recent Exhibitions

Through the Lens of an American Woman Alone in Cuba 

Stone Art Gallery, Santa Monica 

Music and Cuba series 

Venice Foto 2016 Show

 Venice Metal Works, Venice, California


Studio City, California. 

Music Series

Turntables and Headphones
Los Angeles, California
Vintage RCA Microphone
Berkeley, California
Framed print SOLD - Print AVAILABLE
Bakery Window in Trinidad, Cuba

Through the Lens

of an American Woman

Alone in Cuba

Classic Car on the Malecon - Limited Edition
Havana, Cuba


Grand Prismatic Geyser
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The World


Documenting the human connection, vibrations and natural elements that move us. Capturing passionate people in action.

Curiosity leading to finding beauty and appreciation in the present, authentic moment - with a swift click of the shutter.

Lisa Konczal has worked with Oscar, Emmy and Grammy award-winning artists and photographed on five continents.  / Los Angeles California   

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