Through the Lens of an American Woman Alone in Cuba is a book of unique perspective, at a poignant time in history - a photojournalistic essay shot the week before President Barack Obama's unprecedented first step in Cuba.

Contrasting images show both the beautiful and stereotypical iconic visuals one imagines, paired with more prevalent, raw and authentic photography that tells strong stories.

Lisa Konczal's perspective as one of few Americans in Cuba, and rarity of being an American woman traveling there alone (oftentimes far from other tourists), is a particularly unique one and no doubt impacted the composition and messages ascertained in her photographs.

A thought-provoking and informative collection of images touching on a variety of topics, and ultimately promoting human connection.

Captured through an ethnographic lens with rawness and sensitivity, this photographic journey provides a glimpse into a unique moment in this country's history, not yet overrun by tourism or the inevitable influence of globalization. A groundbreaking compilation.

Xuan Vu - Documentary Film and Television Editor, New York

I am truly impressed with Lisa Konczal’s creativity, motivation, and enthusiasm as evidenced here.  Without question, the vivid colors struck me from the start - the opening photo of a trumpeter is beautiful, and I can go on and on about individual photos.  But the significance of the timing of these photographs, just one week before President Obama’s historic visit, cannot be overstated.

Dr. Stan L. Breckenridge

Musicologist and Professional Musician

Distinguished Chair Fulbright Scholar and Alumni Ambassador

Co-chair of African American Studies

California State University, Fullerton